• Teenage Patient Raises Over 10k For Hatzola

    Motty Davis a teenage Patient suffering from CRPS/RSD for many years now has decided to raise funds to help Hatzolah toward sthe new radio communication system.

    The new system will set back Hatzola about £45,000 and Motty has decided to help Hatzola raise the funds by launching a fundraising campaign using gofundme.com an online fundraising site.

    Motty launched the campaign with an initial goal of £5,000, proving to be a massive success raising the 5k in no time quickly set his goal to £10,000.

    Motty has now raised £11,500 for Hatzola which is an amazing achievement.

    A statement from Motty says “I can honestly day that without Hatzola I wouldn’t be here to share this story with you. so I am proud i was able to return the help by raising the funds for Hatzola”

    To make a donation on behalf of Motty for Hatzola press on the link https://www.gofundme.com/mottydavis