Offering Hope & Comfort

Providing Quality Senior Care.

Emergency First Response – rapid, on-site response to medical emergencies,
delivery of urgent medical care and transportation to hospital if required

Caring for Life

Transport for the Chronically Ill- Hatzola members support chronically ill patients,
building a rapport of trust and enhancing patient comfort. Service includes acute
and regular call-out.

Transfers Between Hospitals

Inter-hospital transports for patients who require immediate transport to other hospitals for emergency
procedures or treatment

Caring for Life

Support to the Elderly -delivered in co-ordination with local residential care homes and hospitals to include transport home from hospitals for elderly who are discharged and would sometimes may have to wait for PTS.

Hatzola participates in an annual community safety
awareness event, in conjunction with other emergency and security
services. Thousands of adults and children attend this event and are offered a chance to tour our state of the art
ambulances, as well as police, fire, and military vehicles. Hatzola has distributed safety games and cycle helmets to hundreds of neighbourhood children, raising their risk awareness, safety practice, and safety standards.

Event Coverage

our members cover large-scale community events as on-site EMTs
ensuring the wellbeing and health of participants