What is Hatzola?

We are a patient-focused organization that sets out to save lives by providing accident and emergency services, patient transportation services, and general first-aid response in record time (often within two minutes of a call). We get on average 6,000 calls per year, saving lives every day.

What does “Hatzola” mean?

The word “Hatzola” comes from the Biblical Hebrew root meaning “to rescue” or “to save”.

Who are Hatzola’s members?

We are staffed by 45 emergency care responders/ambulance drivers and 15 trained dispatch operators, all of whom are dedicated volunteers, providing a 24-hour, 365-day service. All emergency calls are responded to and treated regardless of religion, ethnicity, and gender.

Why is Hatzola necessary?

At Hatzola, we aim to save as many lives as we can by being readily available for call responses. Hatzola volunteers are all based in the servicing area of North London and are therefore able to provide lifesaving medical care on the scene of emergencies with faster response time than can be expected from the LAS (London Ambulance Service). “We hardly take any calls in Hatzola’s servicing area, because you resolve them all,” says Mr Steven Heins of LAS. “That is your reputation.”

What do our volunteers do when called to an emergency?

Hatzola volunteers rapidly provide treatment and stabilisation of the patient, and when necessary, dispatch an ambulance crew to assist in the swift and efficient continuation of care and evacuation to a hospital.

What is the difference between Hatzola and the LAS?

Hatzola arrives within the first critical minutes of an emergency, thanks to its own ambulance fleet and very active volunteer members. Treating victims in this crucial time frame minimises potential brain damage and other serious threats, and often results in lives being saved.

How does Hatzola reach the scene of an emergency in such a short time?

As soon as Hatzola’s dispatch receives an emergency call, the dispatcher will identify the volunteers closest to the incident. A volunteer could be working at a certain location and might receive a call to help a heart attack victim at the very same location.

What are the qualifications of the Hatzola volunteers?

All members are qualified and fully trained as EMTs and First Responders. They hold certificates under existing medical training authorities ranging from IHCD technicians to fully qualified paramedics.

How many calls does Hatzola respond to?

Annually, Hatzola responds to more then 4,000 emergency calls.

Does the government support Hatzola financially?

The government does not provide funding. The majority of Hatzola’s support comes from individuals and charity foundations.

Does Hatzola charge for its services?

Hatzola North London does not charge for its services and does not pay its volunteers. We work out of passion and dedication – and all our equipment is financed by donations.

How can I make a donation to Hatzola?

Visit our Donation page and select from the wide range of donation options available. Call us on +44-(0)203-603-4111 for additional opportunities and for more information, or contact us at admin@hatzola.org

Who supports Hatzola?

Hatzola relies on the generosity of individuals, federations, foundations and other charitable organisations.

Have a complaint?

We’re very sorry to hear that you have reason to complain. Please email your complaint to complaint@hatzola.org.

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(Medical queries should be directed to your doctor.)