1 Rookwood Road, London, N16 6SD

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Our Mission

Hatzola North London is a fast and free volunteer ambulance team, responding to medical emergencies and casualty incidents in the community – 24 hours a day, seven days a week – aiming to provide medical treatment within minutes of a call, and saving thousands of lives each year.

Hatzola also provides specialized medical care and ongoing support for people in the community challenged by ill-health, disability, chronic medical conditions, mental health issues, as well as the elderly population, to enhance the quality of life for these vulnerable groups of people.

Your Mission

To enable Hatzola to continue its lifesaving work and provision of dedicated care. Not everyone has what it takes to be a Hatzola volunteer, but Hatzola still needs you. Every individual has the opportunity to partner with Hatzola in their vital work by offering financial support.

Hatzola is solely funded by donations from the public and relies on your generosity. Donate today and become part of Hatzola's lifesaving operations and ongoing support in improving the lives of the sick and vulnerable members of the community.

Hatzola's rapid emergency response - How does it work?

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Hatzola's care for the vulnerable and disadvantaged.

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Testimonials from Patients, Emergency and Hospital Personnel

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We rely on you. Our patients rely on you. Please donate generously.

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Facts & Figures 2015
9950Member Dispatches
2035Ambulance Mobilisations
1059Calls to Elderly Patients
972Calls to Vulnerable Patients
1475Calls to Schools & Children Centres